Ana Sayfa

Widh unique discipline in workmanship, provides project development and furbishment in in PROFESSIONAL KITCHEN SYSTEMS for hotels, holidays villages, restaurants, cafeterias, fast food restaurans, bars patisseries, hospitals, banks, factories, military establishments, with innovative and up-to-date technology in production, installation, providing alternative choice among imported products as qell as service facilities after sales.


Factory: Kayışdağı Mah. İstanbul Cad. No: 45 Kadiköy - İstanbul
Head : Des Sanayii Sit. 1. Cadde D. 05 Blok No: 11 Y.Dudullu - İstanbul Tel/Fax: (0216) 420 45 84 - 313 00 70
Branch: Des Sanayii Sit. 1. Cadde C. 05 Bl No: 8 Y.Dudullu - İstanbul